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Fastech - Louisville, TN

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Post Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:48 am
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Took my car to Fastech for a clutch replacement about a year and a half ago. Mine was slipping and my knee was killing me. Turns out my clutch was just glazed (just went Stage 2) and I was out of shape. :marcus: But I've heard the stock clutch sucks so I had it replaced with an OEM clutch anyways. I emailed Fastech and got no response so I called and scheduled to drop my car off for the job.

Now I called beforehand and scheduled an appointment. I guess people make and break these all the time because they didn't seem to know who I was, or remember anything we talked about over the phone. But he checked my clutch pedal (said it was normal- he was right) and ordered a replacement from Grayson before I left. A few days later (IIRC) my car was done.

The final price was a bit higher than quoted but whatever. Now I am waiting in the lobby, get my keys and I inquire about the t-bolt clamps hanging on the wall. My intercooler hose keeps popping off and I genuinely need a couple t-bolts to keep it in place. I guess these are just for show, because the guy just shrugged me off. Ok, then. I'm out of here.

I hop in my car, clutch feels brand spanky new. No weird noises or anything. Awesome! :D

I start driving back to work, a few minutes later a little smoke is coming out of the hood. I figure it is WD-40 or something at first... but then I quickly realize it is gear oil burning off. I pull over and pop the hood. I notice a couple things.

-My turbo blanket has a hole in it now and it is installed incorrectly over the wastegate arm.
-The burning gear oil is coming from my wrapped downpipe.
-This turbo is hot!!!! Where are my mech gloves?!!!! :oops:

Now the blanket probably wasn't tight enough to interfere with the wastegate's operation. But considering the plethora of WRX's and Evo's in the parking lot, this mistake was perplexing. I removed it just in case. I have no idea how they ripped it. The gear oil on the wrap was also confusing. I mean I can guess how it was done but considering the consequences, it would expect extra precautions. But the burning oil eventually stopped so I left it alone. In hindsight, that was a dumb decision on my part.

I probably should of gone back and complained, but I needed my car back and I needed to get back to work pronto.

Since then I have noticed a couple more items.
-Damaged CV boot.
-Cross-threaded transmission/engine bolt

Not sure whom to blame for those. No one else worked on my car in those areas. And it was several months after the fact before I noticed them. IDK...

Overall, the clutch itself works great. It is holding up to TP Stage 3 power no problem. However, my experience with the staff was pretty disappointing. Maybe my expectations are too high with all of the Japanese AWD sitting around, but I did not come away impressed.

Since then I have heard good things about Fastech. The shop was clean and organized. Maybe I got an unlucky draw. Maybe they have had staff turnover since then. I don't know. I do recall someone saying something about SEMA...

Either way, it provided me with enough motivation to find and buy a house with a garage. :mrgreen:
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Post Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:56 am
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Sounds like someone got in too big of a damn hurry.
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Post Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:38 pm
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I think they lack a certain attention to detail
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Post Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:41 pm
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It seems that most places have this issue. Must be having enough experienced staff, time and money.
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Post Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:08 pm
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onebadwrx wrote:
I think they lack a certain attention to detail

Agreed. Exactly why they didn't touch my motor.

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Post Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:48 pm
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I went back to Fastech to have them tweak the tune they did for me last week. They were very receptive to making my requested changes to better match my tune with my driving style. The car is now just what I wanted...modest boost levels for longevity (21psi), faster spooling, shifted hp and torque curves to the left, and yielded 370 wtq and 320 whp on a stock motor/turbo. Car is very responsive now with a relatively linear power delivery. Very pleased with their work and and willingness to give me exactly what I wanted.

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