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General Posting Rules

Recommended vendors, dealerships, and Subaru specialty shops. Getting work done on your Subaru? Check here first!

Post Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:52 am
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Staying on Topic
Do your best not to deviate too much from the thread topic when posting. Tangential conversations will be moved to more appropriate areas or deleted.

Topic Categories
The forum is still under development and growing, so we don't have sub forums for everything. However, you can post your new topic in the General Forum and if I think it necessitates its own category, I will create one for you. That said, you should also be aware of the current sub forum topics as an appropriate topic may already exist.

Double Posting
Please refrain from making two posts in a row, in the same topic, without anyone else posting in between. You must wait until someone else posts before you post again. You can bump a thread if you're seeking a reply from others after a period of 24 hours, but double+ posts will be merged or deleted. Use the edit button if you want to add more to your previous post.

Literacy Clause
Being that this is an internet forum, we're all here to read what others have to say, and write some things of our own. It should be common sense that how we write our posts reflects on ourselves, as well as either invites others to read our posts, or makes them laugh at our level of idiocy.

Nobody is asking you to be a human dictionary, or spell perfectly all of the time - everyone makes mistakes. We are, however, asking you to put an effort into making good, quality, and easily readable posts. Simply:

  • Don't use short truncations or single letter representations of words. It doesn't save you any time, it just makes you look stupid. Write out the word completely if you have something to say.
  • Use punctuation. Even a 13 year old should be capable of at least using periods and commas, and capitalizing - the most basic forms of punctuation. Nobody wants to read a post that spans half a page without a single period or comma.
  • Use paragraphs in long posts.
Posts or threads containing AOL speak or other silly truncations will be subject to being edited, deleted, or closed.
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