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Information about the Knoxville Subaru Owners Club (KSOC), how to become a member, rules, dues, etc. Membership questions go here, but please read the stickies first!

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The Knoxville Subaru Owners Club (KSOC) was founded in 2009 by Chris Anderson. Chris started the club after purchasing his 2003 Subaru WRX as a way to meet other local Subaru enthusiasts. KSOC started out fairly small, and our first meet---held in October of 2009---garnered about 15 Subaru enthusiasts from the greater Knoxville area. We have since grown into a fairly large group and hold regular weekly and monthly meets, but we also participate in other activities like autocross, dragon runs, wrenching sessions, and even club BBQ's. We are open to all models of Subaru and have most models in the club. Please have a look at the sections below to familiarize yourself with the club's leadership and guidelines.


  • President - Chris Anderson (onebadwrx)
  • Vice President - Kyle Sherrill (Durania)
  • Secretary/Webmaster - Sam Crawford (bicycle_wreck)

Membership Committee
  • Brian Case
  • Doug Velliquette
  • Kyle Sherrill
  • Sam Crawford
  • Chris Anderson
  • Antonio Smith

  • The Knoxville Subaru Owner's Club (KSOC) is open to all models of Subaru, including sister models (e.g., Saab 9-2x, Scion FR-S).
  • Club members are required to attend at least two club events throughout the year. A club event is defined as anything planned by KSOC as a group or where there are five or more members present.
  • Club events can include monthly meets, auto x, wrenching session, dragon run, etc. Wednesday meets are considered “informal” social gatherings and official attendance will not be taken.
  • Club membership will entitle you to club discounts, decals, website space for photos, and membership to the club Facebook Group.
  • All club members are required to display a KSOC logo on their vehicles.
  • All club events/outings and social gatherings will be open to all spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, and families of official club members. All club members and their guests are expected to act in an appropriate manner at all times when representing KSOC.
  • Termination of membership will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  • Members must hold a valid driver’s license.
  • Member vehicle(s) should be legally registered, insured, and in safe running condition if they are to be operated at (or to-and-from) club events.

The following actions are considered violations and are strictly prohibited:
  • Fighting with a fellow member or with anyone else during events.
  • Dangerous and/or reckless driving during a club event on public roads, parking lots, neighborhoods, empty lots, or fields. This includes burnouts, donuts, flat spins, superfluous launches, etc.
  • Stealing, damaging someone’s property, vandalism, or destruction of private or public property of any type.
  • Illegal substance usage or sales.
  • Letting anyone use your membership card to receive discounts.

  • Potential/future members are nominated for inclusion in KSOC by existing members.
  • Nominees are brought to the membership committee for a vote.
  • After a majority "Yes" vote from the committee, the nominee is sent a membership application.
  • The nominee returns the form to the membership committee and the committee solicits dues from the nominee.
  • Once the annual dues are paid, the newly minted member is assigned a membership number and is invited to the official KSOC forum, mailing list, and the next official meet.
  • If membership lapses because of unpaid dues, no nomination process is necessary to re-up, simply pay the dues and move forward.

  • As a club member you will be required to pay annual dues of $25.00. The fee is due by the 1st of February each year.
  • Dues paid via PayPal are subject to an additional $1.05, making the total for annual dues $26.05. This is PayPal's fee, not ours.
  • If paying the dues in person, please pay them only to the current treasurer (see above), and make sure you get a receipt.
  • If two or more members of a household are Subaru owners and would like to join the club, a fee discount of $10.00 per person will be applied (e.g., husband and wife total dues per year would be $40.00, and each will receive a unique member number).
  • Club Dues will contribute to such things as club websites, decals, t-shirts, and events or functions held by the club.
  • Club dues are non-refundable.
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